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5 Excellent Reasons to Choose a Family Dentist

April 16, 2020

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Smiling family visiting their Katy family dentistDid you know that adults have 12 more teeth than children do? In fact, there are numerous ways your mouth changes as you grow. That’s why it’s so important to find a dentist who understands oral health at every stage of life when choosing where to go for your family’s dental care. Here are five excellent reasons to see a Katy family dentist for your loved ones’ happy, healthy smiles.

1.) Convenient Dental Care Under One Roof

It can be exhausting driving all over town when your family sees different dentists. A family dentist is trained to treat every member of the family, from elderly patients to toddlers, and care for their unique dental needs. Additionally, you can schedule all your family’s routine checkups and cleanings together to simplify your life even more.

2.) A Wide Range of Dental Services Is Provided

Whether your child needs dental sealants, your teen wants straighter teeth, your parents need to replace their missing teeth, or you want to beautify your smile, your family dentist can help. A family dentist has all the technology, experience, and equipment needed to handle nearly any oral health issue.

3.) Forming Long-Lasting & Trusting Relationships

Another benefit is that your child will be able to visit the same dentist from the time they’re children up into adulthood. This routine allows your son or daughter to get to know their dentist and feel comfortable about dental care. Not only does this help them conquer dental phobia early in life, but it makes it easier for them to seek dental care when they need it.

4.) Keeping Track of Your Family’s Dental History

As you get to know your family dentist over the years, they’ll have the opportunity to get to know your family as well. Instead of transferring documents and information from one dentist to another, your whole dental history is kept together in one place. This way, issues can be more easily addressed and you can rest assured that no important information has fallen through the cracks.

5.) A Chance to Be A Great Role Model

The best way to teach your children about oral health care is to lead by example. When you visit the same family dentist, it gives your son or daughter the opportunity to see you sitting in the dentist’s chair getting your teeth cleaned. When you lead by example, your little one is much more likely to take care of their smile.

Make your life easier while helping your loved ones get the dental care they need! The right family dentist in Katy can help keep their precious smiles healthy for many years to come.

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At Katy Family Dentists, we are proud to serve smiles of all ages with excellent, friendly oral health care. We offer a wide range of treatments to meet every dental need, including fluoride treatments, Invisalign, metal-free restorations, and many more. We even provide advanced treatments for gum disease, TMJ disorder, and sleep apnea. Our goal is to produce long-lasting and beautiful results that you’ll love for years. If you’d like to find out if Katy Family Dentists is right for your family, feel free to reach us via our website or at (281) 398-3432.

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