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Lather Up: Practicing Good Hand Hygiene During the Pandemic

May 13, 2020

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Dentist in Katy washing hands Excellent handwashing technique has always been a staple of the dental office. It’s a crucial tool for the prevention of disease. During the COVID-19 pandemic, proper hand hygiene is more important than ever. Handwashing is the number one recommendation to limit the spread of the virus. It’s vital to make sure that you are using the right products in the right way to keep your hands clean during the pandemic. Your dentist in Katy has some recommendations to keep you healthy during the pandemic and beyond.

Handwashing Tips

Handwashing should already be a regular part of your daily routine. It is the most effective means of limiting the spread of not only COVID-19, but a myriad of other communicable diseases, from the common cold to SARS. Make sure to scrub your hands under clean, running water. Thoroughly lather your hands with soap and wash for at least twenty seconds, making sure to clean under your fingernails and jewelry.

It’s crucial to wash your hands well and often. You should be washing your hands:

  • After returning home from any public outing
  • Any time you use the restroom
  • Before and after any food preparation or consumption
  • After interacting with anyone who may be sick
  • After using any sort of public appliance
  • After blowing your nose, sneezing, or coughing into your hand

Alongside regular handwashing, it’s important to avoid touching your face, nose, and mouth. Practice proper hand hygiene and you’ll be on the right track to help slow the spread of COVID-19.


Hand Sanitizer Recommendations

Washing your hands with soap and water is the best means of germ prevention. However, if you are not in a location to do so, using hand sanitizer is your next best option. When choosing a hand sanitizer to carry with you, make sure that it contains between 60 and 95% alcohol. Be sure to rub your hands together for about 20 seconds until the sanitizer dries. Carrying sanitizer with you can help you to keep your hands clean:

  • After using shopping carts
  • After touching doorknobs and other public amenities
  • After handling money
  • After pumping gas

Hand sanitizer can do a great job of keeping your hands clean but is not a replacement for soap and water. However, it is a great tool to help you stay safe in public situations.

Hand hygiene is your best weapon in the fight against COVID-19. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and to use hand sanitizer when you are out in public. Use proper technique while cleaning your hands and you’ll be doing your part to help slow the spread of the virus.


About the Author

Dr. Joey Hall wants each of his patients to stay healthy during the pandemic. He loves using his dentistry to improve smiles and change lives. Since graduating from the University of Texas Dental School at Houston, he has spent hundreds of hours continuing his education. He is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, an honor that is only bestowed on select dentists who have completed a high level of additional training. When you visit Katy Family Dentists, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest level of dental care available. To learn more about how you can help to protect yourself from COVID-19, give the office a call at (832) 688-6203 or send an email. Dr. Hall and his team will be happy to help you.

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