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Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental assistant checking patient's new fillings

Even though fillings come in all types of materials,we selectively use white composite fillings at Katy Family Dentists. We match the shade and color of your teeth to restore a natural aesthetic, all while keeping your pearly whites in optimum shape!

Because there are a number of advantages to white fillings, we've chosen to use them when filling our patients' cavities in Katy. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, white composite fillings only require a small part of the healthy tooth be removed before it's filled. In contrast, silver amalgam fillings require that a larger area of the tooth be removed. White fillings are also known for working with your tooth's natural strength, whereas amalgam fillings tend to weaken the tooth, which could lead to a broken tooth and cause you more problems in the long run. Also, it's important to note that amalgam fillings release low levels of mercury vapor, and even though it's not high enough to be toxic, it's still potentially harmful. All in all, Dr. Hall feels that white composite fillings are the way to go!

Before your cavity can be sealed with white filling material, the decay has to be completely removed from your tooth. Once your dentist removes the decay and rinses the debris from your mouth, he will apply a priming and bonding agent to the tooth to make sure the composite thoroughly sticks. After your dentist contours the composite to make sure it's adequately shaped and not too high, we will set it with the aid of an ultraviolet curing light. Once the filling has cured, you'll have a perfectly white filling to complement your dazzling smile!

Katy Family Dentists offers our patients throughout Katy white composite fillings to complement their teeth's natural tones. Schedule an appointment to see what white fillings can do for your smile!