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Custom Mouthguards

Female lacrosse player with custom mouthguard

Your athletic needs require something better than the standard mouthguards available at your sports store. At Katy Family Dentists, we provide mouthguards that are custom fitted to your mouth based on dental impressions offered at our offices. Never again deal with poorly fitted, uncomfortable mouthguards. In no time, you can enhance your performance by protecting your teeth from even the hardest blows.

How Katy Family Dentists Design Your Custom Made Mouthguard

The process for designing your mouthguard provides thorough results for minimum time. Katy Family Dentists will capture the definition and surrounding structures of your mouth with a dental impression procedure. Your dental impression reveals your unique bite, as well as the delicate structure and shape of your teeth and mouth.

With the knowledge gained from the dental impression, we can start customizing your mouthguard following the specific details of your mouth. The dental impression will guarantee your mouthguard fits perfectly to preserve and protect your teeth on the field.

Benefits of Custom Made Mouthguards at Katy Family Dentists

Aside from fitting your mouth correctly, custom fitted mouthguards guarantee better protection for your teeth than regular mouthguards in the following ways:

  • Increases strength of protection
  • Increases endurance for performance
  • Speeds up reaction time
  • Reduces athletic stress
  • Reduces impact

By opening up airways for easier breathing while simultaneously providing superior strength, you can use the mouthguard for football, basketball, boxing, or any other sport that requires mouth protection.

The ADA advises all athletes utilize custom made mouthguards for these reasons and more. If you’re interested in increasing your game and following maximum safety precautions, Katy Family Dentists can customize your mouthguard according to the contours of your teeth and shape of your mouth.

Contact us to find out more about custom mouthguards, or visit our homepage to schedule an appointment online to start the process!