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Young woman with perfectly aligned smile

When most patients hear the word orthodontics, they imagine a smile covered with metal brackets and wires during months or years of treatment. Luckily for our Katy families, we offer Invisalign, which consists of clear alignment tray orthodontics for complete cosmetic solutions that don’t change a patient’s appearance, diet, or oral hygiene routines. We also offer AcceleDent for both patients who choose traditional braces and ones who choose Invisalign. These treatments stimulate the teeth, gums, and jawbone to allow for faster, more comfortable movement. Give our team a call at Katy Family Dentists to schedule an orthodontic consultation.


Patient placing Invisaling aligner

A straighter smile doesn’t have to mean a mouth full of metal. Instead, Invisalign allows us to partner with patients to achieve their orthodontic goals without having to hide their smiles during treatment. Simply clip each set of Invisalign trays into place, wear them as directed, and exchange the current aligners for the next set in the series. In just about a year of treatment, patients see the straighter, healthier smile they desired without ever dramatically changing their daily routine.

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Patient relaxing while using AcceleDent

Whether you choose to see one of our local orthodontists for traditional braces or trust our team with your smile during Invisalign treatment, AcceleDent can help decrease treatment time for any orthodontic solution. Additionally, it is proven to make smile alignment more comfortable for patients. Simply visit us and use AcceleDent as directed during therapy, and you’ll decrease your treatment time significantly. Some patients have even been able to reduce treatment times by half.