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Restorative Dentistry

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Even though we work hard in partnership with our patients to maintain healthy smiles, most people do need a degree of restorative care when damage or decay does occur. When you’re in need of help repairing your smile to its full form and function, our team at Katy Family Dentists offers a wide range of treatment options that maintain the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure while fully repairing the smile. Contact our team right away if you need help restoring your smile.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crown and bridge restorations on table

Dental crowns fit over the top of a damaged tooth to replace lost structure or to protect the tooth from fracturing under the pressure of your bite. They are also recommended following root canals to protect these treated teeth. Fixed bridges can be used to permanently replace one or a few consecutive missing teeth. This treatment is completed by fusing the replacement tooth or teeth to two dental crowns, one on each side, that are then attached to surrounding healthy teeth.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Silver amalgam fillings were once the standard in dental restoration, but today, we recommend a more cosmetic alternative – tooth-colored composite resin. In just one short, comfortable appointment, we can prepare damaged teeth and restore the smile with natural looking composite resin fillings, which are bonded and sealed into the tooth. This painless, conservative solution leaves smiles looking brand new, and it looks so natural most patients forget which tooth was even treated. Because composite resin creates a strong bond seeping into porous tooth enamel, these fillings promise long lasting results if maintained with optimal hygiene.

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Dentures & Partial Dentures

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For advanced tooth loss, partial and full dentures are an ideal solution. Partials are custom crafted to fill the gaps in patients’ smiles, and full dentures are formed to fit snuggly against the gum line to replace an entire arch of teeth to complete a smile following tooth loss. The base material of partials are clasped in place and anchored to healthy surrounding teeth. Suction between the denture base and gum tissue holds the full denture in position.

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Root Canals

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Root canals are necessary when decay or damage accesses the inner layer of the tooth, the pulp, where the nerve system is housed. These procedures are simple to complete with the use of anesthesia. We place a small access hole from the top of the tooth to the pulp. Then, we extract the damaged tissue and refill the tooth with a biocompatible substance. The access hole is resealed, and in order to protect the root canal treated tooth, we will typically place a dental crown to prevent fractures.


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Our primary goal is to help patients preserve their natural teeth. When this isn’t possible due to severe decay or damage, removal may be the best choice to maintain oral health. When extraction is necessary, Dr. Hall provide safe and comfortable treatment. We are most likely to recommend tooth removal following advanced damage, in preparation for orthodontic treatment, prior to denture creation, or to prevent potential oral health concerns that can arise due to the eruption of wisdom teeth.