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Technology & Comforts

Smiling woman in dental exam room

Dental technology has improved our ability to provide comfortable, effective dentistry services for every patient we see. The Katy Family Dentists team has invested in the necessary dentistry technologies to keep our patients completely comfortable while delivering the highest quality dental care services. If you’d like to find out more about technologies and patient comforts, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or ask us at your next appointment. Dr. Hall and our dental team welcome patients from the surrounding Houston, Cinco Ranch, and Fulshear communities.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Relaxed patient with nitrous oxide mask

One of the longest used and most trusted forms of sedation, nitrous oxide offers a safe and effective way to remain stress and pain free during dental treatment. Administered via nasal mask, patients inhale nitrous oxide throughout their procedure. We can adjust the dose to keep you completely comfortable, and the effects of nitrous oxide take hold and wear away quickly. During treatment, patients are completely pain free, and directly following procedures, they can go back to their daily routines.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Relaxed woman smiling in dental chair

Patients who need more advanced sedation, who need to complete numerous procedures in fewer appointments, or who have severe anxiety may want to consider oral conscious sedation. By taking a prescription sedative pill at a predetermined time before your appointment, you’ll arrive at our office already completely relaxed. The effects of oral conscious sedation last for several hours, so you’ll need a trusted friend or family member to drive you to and from our office.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist and patient examine digital photos

We use a state-of-the-art intraoral camera to capture images of patients’ smiles that we can easily display on a chairside computer monitor. Rather than trying to describe what we see or using mirrors to give patients an incomplete view of their smiles, intraoral photography gives us the ability to show patients their smiles from the dentist’ perspective. That means they better understand areas for concern, and we can more accurately educate patients about their various treatment options.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Hall and patient looking at x-rays

Although traditional dental x-rays do reveal the inner workings of a patient’s smile, they required time to capture and develop. Digital x-rays, on the other hand, are much more efficient! These high definition x-ray scans are immediately visible on chairside monitors, where we can enlarge or enhance the x-ray scans to allow patients a clear view of their smiles.

Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue laser hand tool

The soft tissue laser is one of the most important ways we’ve improved dentistry services by investing in technology. We typically recommend laser therapy for patients who need periodontal therapy following gum disease. Lasers remove the bacterial biofilm and smooth tooth roots without damaging healthy tissue.

Cavity Detection System

Closeup of teeth during dental exam

Tooth decay is the most common oral health concern affecting patients of all ages, and in most cases, we’re only able to begin treatment once the damage, called a cavity, has already occurred. Cavities occur when tooth enamel is weakened by acidic plaque buildup on the teeth. Left untreated, the tooth enamel breaks down creating cavities in teeth. The early cavity detection system allows us to pinpoint areas of weakened enamel that may be at risk for decay in the earliest possible stages.