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Teeth Cleanings

Hygienist talking to patient in exam chair

A dental cleaning at Katy Family Dentists is what you need to keep your mouth healthy and your smile sparkling! Our team of knowledgeable, friendly dental hygienists will perform your teeth cleaning, so you always know your visit to our office will be enjoyable and positive!

Formally known as dental prophylaxis, a dentist or hygienist is able to perform a thorough, deep cleaning of your teeth that can’t be achieved at home. Even with daily brushing and flossing, your teeth need a regular professional cleaning in order to stay their whitest and brightest.

Dental deep cleaning is essential because it rids your teeth and gums of bacteria and plaque that could lead to harmful diseases. During an initial teeth cleaning at Katy Family Dentists, an ultrasonic instrument may be used to remove bacteria, knocking off larger deposits of tartar from your teeth that are then rinsed away by a stream of water. Your dental hygienist will follow up with a dental tool called a "scaler" that will remove tartar from your gum line. Next, your teeth will be polished with a toothpaste-like substance that gives them that healthy shine. Your hygienist will finish with flossing and may apply fluoride to keep your teeth strong. This is especially helpful if plaque and tartar buildup has inflamed your gums, making them sensitive and prone to bleeding.

Dental Prophylaxis in Katy

In addition to your dental cleaning, Dr. Hall will examine your teeth during your check up to search for signs of decay. He will use an angled mirror as he looks for gum swelling, any discrepancies in how your upper and lower teeth come together as well as the overall condition of your teeth. In addition, an ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a vital step to preventing plaque and tartar buildup to your teeth. A dental checkup is the perfect place for your dentist to diagnose any underlying dental issues and to have them treated so you can leave the dentist chair with a smile on your face!

Teeth cleanings are an important part of your six month dental checkup, and for good reason! They're necessary to find early signs of disease like oral cancer and other dental issues that need to be treated as soon as possible. If you need to schedule your teeth cleaning and examination, be sure to request your appointment today by contacting us!