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Ultrasonic Scaling

Closeup of healthy smile following ultrasonic scaling

Technology has advanced over time in order to smooth out dental cleanings and to simultaneously make them more efficient and effective. At Katy Family Dentists, we are proud to offer ultrasonic dental scalings. The cutting-edge technology of an ultrasonic scaler decreases the amount of time that manual cleanings would require, and also cleans your teeth more thoroughly.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

Our ultrasonic scaler uses high vibrational energy to remove plaque from the surfaces of teeth. The vibrations cause shockwaves that disrupt the growth of bacteria and plaque. The vibrations irrigate your mouth to flush periodontal pockets in order to revive the root surfaces of your teeth. Furthermore, the turbulence from the shockwaves removes bacterial biofilms from your teeth.

Here are more benefits of dental scaling:

  • Deeper overall cleaning than regular, manual cleaning
  • More effective removal of biofilm from hard to reach pockets and root surfaces
  • Engineered tooth scaling tips are better at reaching difficult areas where plaque builds up
  • Dental scalers are gentler on tooth surfaces
  • Ultrasonic scaling takes less time than manual cleaning

If you’re ready to check out this cutting-edge technology for your dental needs, call us to find out more about ultrasonic scaling. You can also visit our homepage to request an appointment online.